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Brazil Sao Lucas

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Our Brazil Sao Lucas is 100% arabica single origin coffee with an SCA score of 83. It is grown using only farm made natural fertilisers. This contributes to its unique taste profile, with exquisite tasting notes of peanuts, chocolate, and sweet caramel. This coffee has been produced by Lucus Lancha de Oliviera who is a Sixth generation coffee farmer. We buy this coffee directly from Lucus and his family so that they get every penny they deserve for their hard work.

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Chocolate, Peanut

Available in:

    • Wholebean
    • Ground for filter
    • Ground for espresso

Ferrari's Coffee, Brazil Sao Lucas Coffee, Altitude: 1020 M.A.S.L, Process: Natural

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Yash, CEO of Ferrari's Coffee and Fazenda Sao Lucas farm's representative.

We met coffee farmers Gabriel and his nephew Cal earlier this year and talked about all aspects of coffee farming in Brazil. What we admired the most was their dedication to quality and use of natural fertilisers which is why we chose to work with them and buy their coffee.

About the coffee

Map of our coffee origin: Farm Fazenda Sao Lucas, Brazil

The Fazenda Sao Lucas is located near the town of Ribeirao Corrente- which means flowing waters. It is blessed with an abundant supply of freshwater. The farm is found in the region of Alta Mogiana, which is at an altitude of 1020m above sea level and has 50 hectares of preserved rainforest. This beautiful farm receives 1,000 to 2,000mm of rainfall annually.


“We believe in producing a high quality coffee crop. We only use natural fertilisers made in the farm and have our own cattle for this very purpose.”

- Lucas Lancha de Oliveira, Farmer

The Brazil Sao Lucas farmers: Lucas and Calum in a three and half years old coffee tree

the farmers of brazil sao lucas

Fazenda Sao Lucas is farmed by Lucas Lancha de Oliveira who is a sixth generation coffee grower. He followed in his parents’ footsteps, by studying agriculture and becoming an agronomist, and later served in the Brazilian armed forces.

His unique experiences have helped to shape his family buisness, giving the coffee its truely remarkable and distinct taste profile. He champions quality and has gained Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certification. With natural home made fertilisers, which he has created at the farms using his extensive agriculture knowledge and has his own cattle herd for this very purpose.


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