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Our Decaf is a well balanced, medium to full-bodied coffee with hints of sweet butterscotch. These premium arabica beans originate from Mexico, where they also go through a natural decaffeination process called “mountain water process”.

In this process water from the tallest glacier topped mountains in Mexico, Pico de Orziba, is used to soak the green coffee beans. This gently removes most of the caffeine content and also the soluble flavour and characteristics of the beans. The water then goes through a chemical-free filtration system which removes the caffeine, so that only the mountain water remains with the soluble flavours and original characteristics of the beans. This water is added back to the green coffee beans which are dried and packed. This results in green coffee beans which are 99% caffeine-free and are also full of the aroma, flavour and character from its origin.

Mountain water decaf beans have a distinctive clean, crisp and remarkably solid body. Why not brew a cup today and discover the mountains of flavour waiting for you!


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