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We often think that it’s just the coffee we choose that defines the flavour, profile and taste of a good cup of coffee. What if we told you that’s not entirely true.
The coffee grind, brewing method, equipment and even the water will have a huge impact on how well your coffee is extracted. Embark on a journey using our step by step guides to find out how these various factors change the way your coffee behaves.

Ferrari's coffee introducing brewing guides
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Fill the basket with fine ground coffee and level with your finger. Do not compact the coffee or tamp.

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Boil the water in your kettle and pour it into the chamber so that it’s just under the safety valve.

Pop the coffee basket into the bottom chamber and screw together the top and bottom chamber. You may need a towel to hold the bottom chamber as it will be hot.

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Place the coffee maker on the stove and open the lid to watch the coffee brew.

Use a medium heat. Once you see the coffee starting to flow change the heat as needed to control the coffee flow.

You are aiming for a smooth flow of coffee rather than shooting and spluttering.

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Turn of the heat as soon as you hear a bubbling or hissing sound and allow the top coffee chamber to finish filling.

Pour and serve the coffee straight away.

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