Mount Elgon 100% Arabica Preium Fairtrade Coffee, 250g, Wholebean

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Premium quality, 100% Arabica, single origin Fairtrade coffee.

Roasted and packed in the United Kingdom.

Brand Name: Ferrari's Coffee




Fruity, Caramel

Available in:

    • wholebean
    • ground for filter
    • ground for espresso

Ferrari's Coffee Mount Elgon Premium Fairtrade Coffee

coffee with a mission

Mount Elgon is in the Busba region of Uganda. It is an extinct volcano on the border of Kenya. Here the coffee cherries are hand picked due to the mountainous terrain and the long harvesting season. This Arabica coffee grows favourably in plentiful rainfall, partly volcanic soils and is shaded by banana trees.

What makes this coffee extra special?

We have a direct trade agreement with our farmers Nimrod and Jenipher who grow our coffee. They are the chair and vice-chair of the Mount Elgon Agroforestry communities co-operative Enterprise (MEACCE), a co-operative of over 3000 coffee farmers. These farmers are an important part of the Mbale Tree planting Programme, supported by the Welsh government, which hopes to plant 25million trees by 2025, covering an area the size of Wales.

Ferrari's Coffee, Nimrod and Jenipher, our parners
The farmers- Nimrod and Jenipher and Ferrari's coffee team

Planting trees can improve coffee quality as it brings biodiversity to a forest. New trees enrich the soil and help to shade coffee cherries and protect them from heavy rainfall and hail storms.

MEACCE farmers are providing a high quality arabica coffee at fairtrade standards. This allows them to get a better price for their coffee and helps support their families and communities. Through Fairtrade they have been taught regenerative and sustainable farming methods.

Ferrari’s fairtrade Mount Elgon coffee is supporting local farmers and their communities to grow trees, promote sustainable livelihoods and help tackle climate change.


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